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Current offer: dwg drawings and projects database + textures database
180.00 euros

Given the size and quality of the databases, the price we offer is absolutely convenient.

Once the payment has been made, the databases can be downloaded from the "my purchases" section.

On the "my purchases" page, clicking on the "download" button will start the download of both databases in a single zip file.
Those who want an invoice must fill in the form with the billing information. Attention that the invoice must be requested at the time of the order or at the latest by email within the same day of the order.

For the complete characteristics of each single database, we refer you to the page of the single product, we summarize them here in the most important characteristics:

Dwg database -  Large collection of CAD drawings and projects

2D drawings
6.20 Gb - 28600 dwg files classified into 400 categories and subcategories useful for all types of projects, even for the most demanding professional. Furniture of any kind and type, lifts, cars, bars, restaurants, offices, parking, construction details, all for the design of urban greenery and gardens, residential projects of all types. The widest choice of blocks and designs for all your design needs.

3D drawings
560 Mb - 1018 3D dwg files classified in 110 folders
There are many complete and quality projects in the Archweb dwg pendrive


The entire database as you can understand from the numbers is very vast and complete in every category, suitable for professional use in the architectural project.
We have prepared it full of details, diagrams and complete projects, we are sure that it will help you in improving the quality of your projects and your graphic representations.
The classification of the various categories and sub-categories is as in the dwg section of the site.
The number of designs is truly impressive and will satisfy all the designer's needs.
Famous architectures are not understood.

Textures Database - Collection of materials for rendering

Our Textures database is oriented to the rendering of architecture, that is, it is made up of commonly used materials in the architectural project.
The database consists of 19700 Textures classified in 220 folders for a total of 4.30 GB.
The dimensions and formats of the Textures in such a vast collection are various, the most common format is the classic JPG, therefore it can be easily imported into any rendering software application.
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Dwg + Textures Database (EN)
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Current offer
DWG Drawings and Projects Database + Textures Database
180.00 euros
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