Giovanni Michelucci (Pistoia, January 2, 1891 - Florence, December 31, 1990) was an Italian architect, urban planner and engraver.
He was one of the greatest Italian architects of the twentieth century, famous for having designed, for example, the Florence Santa Maria Novella station and the church of the Autostrada del Sole.
Born in Pistoia to a family that owns a foundry for iron working, in 1911 he obtained a diploma from the Higher Institute of Architecture.
He worked at his father's factory and the engraver activity of the famous architect, carried out in his early years and then resumed in his old age, has a considerable place, albeit little investigated up to now, in the history of Italian woodcut of the early twentieth century. His work as a woodcutter developed for at least a decade from 1913 until 1923-24, a very troubled two-year period for the young Michelucci, both for .... Wikipedia ... >>
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