Adolf Loos (10/12/1870, Brünn / Mähren - 23/08/1933, Vienna)
In the design Loos invents the Raumplan, a spatial solution in which the rooms have different heights depending on the function, and this generates the interlocking of various volumes.

“My architecture is not conceived as floors, but as spaces. I don't draw plans, facades, sections. For me there is no ground floor, first floor, etc. For me there are only continuous and contiguous spaces, rooms and antistances, terraces, and so on. The levels merge and the spaces relate to each other ... Tying these spaces so that getting on and off are not only imperceptible but also practical: in this I see what for others is the big secret, while for me it is only one logical consequence.... spatial interaction and austerity....".
Interview granted to Plzeň in 1930.
The Works
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