"We would like to make" the most beautiful building "for the Museum of Memory of Andalusia in Granada. The MA, a museum that wants to convey the entire history of Andalusia. Even in Roman times, Strabo described the inhabitants of Andalusia. as "the most educated of the Iberians, who have laws in verse".

We designed a building in continuity with the headquarters of the CAJA GRANADA which we completed in 2001. We offer a 60x120 m podium with three storeys high, so that the upper floor coincides with the podium of the main building of CAJA GRANADA. And its facades are also aligned. It is organized around a central courtyard of elliptical traces in which helical ramps develop that connect the three levels and create a spatial tension of great interest. The dimensions of the elliptical patio are borrowed from the courtyard of the palace of Carlos V, in the Alhambra.

And as a final, as if it were a City Gate, a strong vertical piece of the same height and width emerges as the main building of CAJA GRANADA. It therefore appears in front of the Granada ring road as a large facade capable of transmitting messages through large plasma screens that will cover it entirely. Like Picadilly Circus in London or Times Square in New York.

And to complete the operation, a large horizontal platform on the river, the MA CAMPA, which will serve as a public reference space in that new area of ​​the city of Granada.
The new building, silent in its forms, is resounding in its elements of transmission of messages of a new millennium in which we are already immersed.
Alberto Campo Baeza

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