The bridge of the Constitution (fourth bridge over the Grand Canal and better known after its construction as the Calatrava bridge) is the bridge that crosses the Grand Canal of Venice between piazzale Roma and the Venezia Santa Lucia railway station.
The bridge, designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava and built using mainly steel and glass, was opened to pedestrian traffic on the night of 11 September 2008.

The project shows a bridge with an arched shape with a span of 81 meters, a width of 6 meters at the base and 9 in the center for a height of 10 meters at the top; the structure is in steel, the floors are in Saint-Gobain glass, Istrian stone and Classic Gray Trachyte from Montemerlo. The parapets are also made of glass, with brass handrails. Inside the handrails are installed LED bulbs that dissipate the ray of light in the glass parapets.

The bridge is 94 meters long with steps while it has a central width of 81 meters. The width varies from 5.58 meters up to 9.38 meters in the central part. The height varies from 3.20 meters on the banks up to 9.28 meters in the central part. The central steel arch, structural element of the bridge, has a radius of 180 meters.
Source: Wikipedia

Architectural and structural design: Arch. Ing. Santiago Calatrava Valls
General Contractor: Impresa Cignoni srl
Direction of the completion of the work and assembly: Ing. Giorgio Romaro - Studio Romaro

Below the assembly diagram of the bridge with some construction details.

Purchasable drawings
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