"It is a house by the sea, on the seafront of Novo Sancti Petri in Conil, Cadiz.
We build spaces that, close to the ground, very horizontal, almost want to disappear.
We mark the place with low white walls on which we are content to merge with the site.
We have created three bands covered with concrete slabs that run alongside the sea and the road. In the first, closest to the road, there are service elements. In the second, the bedrooms up and down. In the last, the closest to the sea, is the main living room.
All open, sometimes glazed to protect us from the wind. All supported by a network of white metal pillars. All the flooring continues in clear limestone.
On the strip closest to the sea, in the upper part, a closed roof with wooden screens.
All open and covered, like a great shadow. "
Alberto Campo Baeza

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