E-1027 is a villa in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin. A true icon of modernist architecture, the E-1027 villa is the first creation by Eileen Gray, an Irish architect and designer, testifying to the thought and attention she has put into every detail.

It is a manifesto both for its architecture and for its furnishings, lamps and decorations are inseparable from them. Eileen spent three full years designing the furniture and working with her partner Jean Badovici on the project.
It is impossible to identify exactly the individual contributions of Gray or Badovici to E-1027.
Among the many home furnishings Gray designed a tubular steel table that would allow his sister to have breakfast in bed without leaving crumbs on the sheets, due to an adjustable top that caught the crumbs.
The name of the house, E-1027, is a code by Eileen Gray and Jean Badovici, it was Eileen's way of showing their relationship as lovers at the time of its construction.
E stands for Eileen, 10 for Jean (as J is the tenth letter of the alphabet), 2 for Badovici and 7 for Gray.

E-1027 house
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