The project was commissioned in 1932 by the Director of the German Academy in Rome, Herbert Gericke.

The director organizes a competition through a competition limited to a few for the realization of a new spatial idea in the residential sector.
The designer had to create a home from the world of dreams, the plant with a simple contemporary shape, inserted in a lush green landscape, facing the surface of a lake and therefore with all the components of the house that come into contact and merge with the surrounding environment.

At the upper level on the slope there is the main entrance and a side entrance to the staff, this elevated position giving you access to the lake immediately.
The characteristic of this project is the option of rooms with a 180° view towards the beautiful panorama.
The virtuality of the relationships between inside and outside of the graphic code brings the house and its elements into play, it is obvious that Mies has designed inside the characteristics of the external environment.
Transparency as a means of communication and delimitation from inside and outside. There is a lime tree east of the house, in the back garden there are old big trees, when you see nature through the glass surfaces of the house it takes on a deeper meaning than when it is outside, it communicates with nature that becomes a part of the room.
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