The Looshaus is a famous building in Vienna designed by the architect Adolf Loos, as well as one of the main examples of Viennese Modernism. It marks the renunciation of historicism, but also the floral decoration of the secessionist style. It is located on the Michaelerplatz in front of the Hofburg.

Despite its functional aspect, the building is not a simple functional building (not without its contradictions from a formal point of view, it has not even paid much attention to the costs of using the materials and their processing). In fact, despite the clear intent to contrast the style and taste of the era in the name of modernity, Loos always professed himself in line with the Viennese tradition. Characteristic is the contrast between the marble placed in the lower part of the facade (a green cipollino marble of Eubea) and the simple façade plastered at the bottom of the residential floors above.

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