“In The Grotta House one encounters vases, bowls, baskets, chairs, textiles, and teapots, but also powerful sculptural forms, rich with an array of nature-derived or nature-inspired textures, colors, and shapes.”

Richard Meier

Built during the latter part of the 1980s, The Grotta House sits amid seven acres of rural landscape in Harding Township, New Jersey.
Built by renowned architect Richard Meier, the house was geometrically designed to harmonize with its natural surroundings and embrace the nearby forest and slope terrain to anchor its base and create fluidity throughout its interior and exterior spaces.
Much like it does with its rural surroundings, the house features curved windows and smooth cylinder and rectangular structures that offer a simplistic backdrop for the uniquely crafted vases and vessels on display, enhancing each art form’s ability to create new dimensions and open spaces.
Source: https://grottahouse.com
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