"We raise the most radical house we have ever built, something more than just a house: an infinite floor facing an infinite sea.
An infinite plane facing the Atlantic Ocean, right on the edge of the sea, in Cadiz, on a beach that is like a corner of paradise where the Romans had already been.
We build a powerful Roman podium in travertine whose upper horizontal plane becomes the protagonist of the space. Inside the podium, under that platform that is like a temenos, the house.
The horizontal plane is the boundary between tectonics and stereotomy, between the hut and the cave. The upper element disappears and we have only the bare platform.
On this stone platform we raise some side walls, behind, to protect us from the strong winds that Aeolus has forgotten there.
As if it were an acropolis. A temenos where the gods will descend to converse with men and toast with sherry wine.
An infinite plane facing the infinite sea.
The house of infinity.
Alberto Campo Baeza

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