La Roche-Jeanneret is a double house built by Le Corbusier in 1924, located at numbers 8-10 on the rue Doctor Blanche, in Paris.
The La Roche-Jeanneret complex consists of two distinct, contiguous but indissociable houses: the first, Maison Jeanneret, was built in collaboration with the architect Pierre Jeanneret in 1925, while the second was destined for Monsieur Raoul La Roche, wealthy economist and cultured collector of modern art (to his collection belonged paintings by Picasso, Braque, Lèger, Gris, Lipchitz and by Le Corbusier himself, a well-known painter of purist origin). A sloping path unravels from the entrance gate which, going deeper into the lot, allows access to both houses, clean, white volumes with remarkable plastic qualities.

Maison La Roche is particularly interesting from the planimetric point of view as it completely dissociates the functional area of ​​living in the strict sense from that intended for the use of the various works of art: in this way the public part of the house is effectively separated from the private one, in order to avoid any conflict, but at the same time an indissoluble bond between painting and architecture is welded, two universes that present strong interpenetrations, also in Le Corbusier's biography.

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