"This building, like the other mine in Caracas, Bianca Arreaza's villa, is a game of spaces, surfaces and volumes that are offered with different aspects to those who penetrate them: it is a 'machina', or if you want an abstract sculpture on an enormous scale, not to look from the outside, but to look from the inside, penetrating and following it: made to be observed by continuously turning the eye, but not only for the eye this construction is made, it is also made for life of those who live in it; they carefully complied with what was requested, and finally received what is the truest praise for the architect: the affirmation that we succeeded in what was desired, what he was asked for the life of those who live ".
Gio Ponti
Source: www.domusweb.it
Originally published in Domus 375 / February 1961
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