Rose Seidler House is a former historical residence and now houses a museum located at 69-71 Clissold Road in the suburb of Wahroonga in Sydney in the area of ​​the local government of the Ku-ring-gai Council of New South Wales, Australia.
The house was designed by Harry Seidler for both parents, Rose and Max Seidler, however, since Rose Seidler was the person who made all the major decisions, the house takes its name only from her.
Rose Seidler House is a modern two-storey house with 12 rooms located on one hectare of suburban scrubland with intact gardens. The house is built with four basic materials; natural stone, reinforced concrete, wood and glass.

Built in 1949-1950 in the international modernist style, it was in that futuristic and modern era for Australia and is an outstanding example of modern domestic architecture of the last century. In 1991, Harry Seidler described the spatial design of the house that was characteristic of his approach:
"... this house explodes the surfaces that enclose a house or a normal space and transforms it into a continuum of free planes, through which the eye can never see the end, you are always intrigued by what is beyond, you can always see something floating in the distance, there is never an obstacle to your vision, it is a continuum (of space), to which I believe that the eyes and senses of the 20th century man can respond positively ".
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