The Palasport Olimpico, also known as PalaAlpitour for commercial needs or PalaIsozaki because of its creator, is a covered multi-purpose facility in Turin; it is located in Corso Sebastopoli, adjacent to the Grande Torino Olympic Stadium, and was built between 2003 and 2005 in view of the 2006 Winter Olympic Games. Capable of seating 14 350, it is the largest indoor sports facility in Italy .
The futuristic building looks like a rigorous Cartesian parallelepiped covered with stainless steel and glass, with a base of 183 per 100 meters. Spread over four levels, two underground (up to 7.5 meters below ground) and two outdoors (up to 12 meters high). The overall length of the plant is about 200 meters.
The structure, designed to be a real "factory of events", using the words of its architect, is completely flexible and modular in its internal structure: in the arrangement of the mobile stands (thanks to a modern system of mobile and retractable tiers and to the possibility of moving a temporary deck), in acoustics and in plant engineering.

From 10 to 14 May 2022, the great show of the Eurovision Song Contest was held in this important structure.
The theme of this edition organized by Rai Radiotelevisione Italiana, "The sound of beauty", seems to fit perfectly on Italy, a country steeped in that beauty, to translate all this into a concrete work was the Atelier Francesca Montinaro, winner of the competition of ideas organized by Rai.
Read the complete article with an interview with the experts by Chiara Del Core
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