Samonà Villa, Giuseppe Samonà, 1947-1950
The villa called "the Oak", from the tree that is included in it, and is located in the thick of the wood, without significant continuity between the building and the ground, and with ideas capable of inducing a sort of displacement, thus bringing us back to North American organicism (the great stone wall) as well as to neoplastic research (the design of the fixtures, the use of color), or suggesting a Miesian treatment of elevations on the front of the approach, but immediately denying it in plan. With regard to this architecture, F. Purini has already pointed out how it is possible to read the coexistence of several formal universes in opposition, and the irreducibility, apparently resolved in collage, of several conflicting dualisms in the thought and work of Samonà, first among all that between the rigor of the Enlightenment and rationality and the irruption of archaic resonances and impulses, somehow "barbaric".
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