The ticket office for the entrance to the gardens of the Venice Biennale was created by Carlo Scarpa in 1951-1952, in conjunction with the 26th Venice International Art Biennale, together with the more famous sculpture courtyard of the Italian Pavilion. The small artifact is placed in front of the current entrance to the exhibition gardens and normally you do not need to pay the ticket for the exhibition to visit it.

It is not one of the most famous works of the master and it is not easy to find material on the web, apart from this drawing on the website of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, while on it is not even mentioned among the works. However, it is part of the panorama of museum installations and exhibition pavilions that characterized the work of the Venetian architect to a fair extent.

Even if it is a small ticket office, however unusable with today's influx of visitors to the international art or architecture exhibitions held every year in Venice, Scarpa's hand is unmistakable.

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