A large museum of glass and white aluminum fills the Raval district with light and houses works from the mid-twentieth century until today. The Museum of Contemporary Art in Barcelona (MACBA) has meant the realization of two dreams: that of bringing together the collections of contemporary art in the style of the MoMA of New York in a single space and giving the Raval district light, air, open public spaces and a heart.
In addition to being a museum of contemporary art, the MACBA is an impressive building by architect Richard Meier, who has opened a diaphanous and luminous space of 14,000 square meters in one of the most traditional and historic neighborhoods in Barcelona. Meier himself said that the Raval was his nadir, when, at the end of the 80s of the last century, the mayor of Barcelona, ​​Pasqual Maragall, commissioned him the project for the construction of a museum that should have been the central element of the master plan for the renovation of the Raval district, which also included the redevelopment of the Casa della Carità, transformed into the current CCCB. Meier's modern and rationalist building, declared a museum of national interest by the Government of Catalonia, was inaugurated in 1995 in the Plaça dels Àngels, right in front of the placid Gothic Convent of Angels. The sobriety of the convent contrasts with the clarity of the museum, made of white aluminum, glass, metal and reflective elements. In addition, Meier also designed the new Plaça dels Àngels, a large open space that merges with the museum through the use of ramps and skylights where light enters. Source: https://www.barcelonabusturistic.cat
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