Royal Palace of Caserta
The Royal Palace of Caserta is a royal palace, with a park attached, located in Caserta. It is the largest royal residence in the world by volume and the historical owners were the Bourbons of Naples, in addition to a short period in which it was inhabited by the Murats.
In 1997 it was declared by UNESCO, together with the Vanvitelli aqueduct and the San Leucio complex, a World Heritage Site.

The palace, defined the last great realization of the Italian Baroque, was finished in 1845 (although it was already inhabited in 1780), resulting in a grandiose complex of 1 200 rooms and 1 742 windows, for a total expenditure of 8 711 000 ducats. On the southern side, the palace is 249 meters long, 37.83 meters high, decorated with twelve columns. The main facade has a central front surmounted by a pediment; on the sides of the elevation, .....Wikipedia...>>

Reggia di Caserta
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