Santo Stefano Rotondo
The basilica of Santo Stefano Rotondo al Celio is a fifth-century Catholic place of worship that rises in Rome on the Celio
. It was also known as Santo Stefano in Girimonte, Santo Stefano in Querquetulano (for its proximity to an oak forest), Santo Stefano in capite Africæ (for its proximity to the ancient Vicus Capitis Africae).

The construction was probably commissioned by Pope Leo I (440-461), under which another church dedicated to Santo Stefano (Santo Stefano on the Via Latina) had also been built, and must have started in the final years of his pontificate: in fact two coins of the emperor Libio Severo (461-465) were found in a section of the foundations of the building; also through dendrochronology it was ascertained that the wood used in the roof beams had been cut around 455 ......Wikipedia...>>
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