Learn to use the best design, modeling and rendering software used for architecture and civil engineering.
Expand your technical skills and offer your customers projects in step with the times.

GoPillar Academy is the new online e-learning platform for professionals, born as a new tool capable of helping students, architects, engineers, interior design and surveyors to improve their technical skills and learn how to use the most useful, advanced and innovative software for the world of architecture.

In particular, our courses help hundreds of professionals to stay up to date on the use of the most cutting-edge software in the architectural design market. Our distinctive feature is to teach through practical examples related to the daily practice of the profession, in order to make lessons clearer and accelerate the learning path.

At present, our Academy has more than 20 active courses ranging from CAD and BIM design, to 3D modeling and rendering, up to graphics and post-production. Every month we publish on average one or two new video courses on different topics. All our courses are made up of pre-recorded video lessons that can be viewed comfortably at any time and from anywhere, without an expiration date!

Our teachers are all software experts but also Architects and Engineers who practice the profession every day. In this way we are sure to carry out extremely advanced courses but without ever losing sight of the real activities that characterize the work of each designer.

Finally, many of our courses have been authorized by the National Council of Architects (CNAPPC) to issue training credits necessary for professional updating.

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