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In recent years, the domestic space has become more and more personal and welcoming, thanks to the desire to make every corner of the house unique. In the kitchen as in the living room, vital hubs of everyday conviviality, new solutions are sought to decorate walls and ceilings that are always little considered. The current trend, in fact, tries to make them real, original and captivating scenographies, intervening with small restyling operations. Sometimes you don't need to overdo it! The walls in the living room can change their face by following simple rules and combining beautiful colors with new ideas, just as if they were paintings.

So let's find out 5 solutions to embellish the living room walls with colorful decorations and some useful advice for their design application.
It is certainly a new design trend that derives from art, in particular from the artist Piet Mondrian, and sees the combination of contrasting and complementary colors on the wall in order to characterize the surface. It will be possible to create an interesting and unique dynamic effect that will light up the walls of your living room in an instant, sometimes without resorting to the use of additional decorative elements. This technique is certainly among the favorites of those who want to obtain an unusual environment using a strong and contrasting color mix.

Source: Pexel

Here are some useful tips for applying color blocking to living room walls:
  • Paint a single wall or a portion, in order to enhance its geometry and enhance a precise and unique area of the room. In the case of a small living room it could be an excellent solution to bring dynamism.
  • Combine several shades, creating intersections of color to enhance a piece of furniture or a corner. Obviously the shades will have to be combined harmoniously.
  • Paint all surfaces in the room, including door profiles, ceilings or part of them, and radiators that will turn into original design elements. Surely this solution must be combined with essential and minimal furniture.
  • Play with geometries, using different shapes such as triangles, circles or squares.
  • Match the color to the plants, if you are a lover of greenery. In this way the colors will be perfectly integrated with each other and will create a refined atmosphere

Even an anonymous and little appreciated space in the house can become a beautiful place of experimentation and turn into a bold painting. Obviously what must never be lacking is the harmony of the parts; therefore, it is important to carefully design the colors of the paint and to proportion the "drawing" to be performed.

Color is obviously the absolute protagonist, especially the intense and full shades. Its composition, in addition to enhancing parts of the living room, can also act as an interesting visual divider between the different parts of the room.
The color block is particularly suitable in the case of not very spacious geometries that can be enhanced and appear larger with only the well-calibrated use of colors. On the contrary, in a larger room, you can also be daring with dark or very bright shades. To complete, you can play with the details, inserting colorful and whimsical furnishing accessories.
Certainly in the common and more usual imagination the ceilings tend to be white and visually accompany the inspiration of the walls. For some time now there has been a new and daring propensity to paint ceilings with colorful and unusual tones. The reason is simple: they add personality and charisma to the room, displaying an imaginative note that does not weigh down.
There may be the situation in which the ceiling is colored and the walls white, in order to create a very evident detachment, or the idea of having everything colored, both the walls and the ceiling. Five surfaces completely covered and painted. 

There is an interesting case in which this technique is functional as well as aesthetically beautiful: open space. Large, bright, often characterized by important heights, this space can become the right place to experiment. Decorating the walls and clearly highlighting the different environments can, in fact, prove to be a good method for making the entire surface harmonious.
Tips to design your ceiling perfectly:
  • Use dark shades to reduce the height of a ceiling that is too high and thus bring it closer to the floor.
  • Use lighter shades to visually increase the height of the walls.
  • Imagine a strip of color that includes a small portion and that illuminates an area to be enhanced
In just a few steps, you will get a completely new and fresh image of the living room!
Wallpaper undoubtedly lends itself to becoming a perfect decoration
for the living room walls. If ideas for an original painting are scarce, surely you can rely on fabric upholstery, which has reached truly exceptional levels of high definition printing in recent years. More and more protagonist of interior design, it has become one of the favorite choices of architects and designers thanks to its versatility.

Two wall solutions with floral patterns (Source Pexel)

Here are three aspects to consider when choosing:
  • The quality of the materials: we advise you to prefer wallpapers printed with certified ecological inks.
  • Technical performance: it is a product with a good duration over time, about 10 years. There is washable non-woven wallpaper, easy to apply and maintain, vinyl paper and 3d paper, a novelty of recent years that will guarantee a particular three-dimensional effect, for those looking for an eccentric touch.
  • Design and graphic patterns: the choice of wallpaper colors and designs will depend above all on the style you want to give to the living room and the needs of those who live there. The patterns available on the market are really many and will allow you to create unique and particular effects.
Covering the walls with new and precious materials is an interesting trend, which elegantly enhances vertical surfaces. And if 3D technology is used, the result is truly spectacular! Many companies have been able to exploit Italian manufacturing by combining it with new and contemporary ideas.
The walls of the living room can become embossed materic paintings thanks to the application of ceramic elements and tiles.
It is an ideal solution for those who are looking for an idea to decorate the original and tailor-made wall, given the possibility to size the image as desired.

Obviously the combination of different patterns can give life to interesting collages that will shine even more with the play of light. Monochromatic or colored, the choice is really wide and suitable for covering any wall in the living room. The 3D surfaces, soft to the touch, manage to perfectly combine the classic ceramic coating with a surprising sculptural effect, thus creating ever-dynamic environments.
Here are some helpful design tips:
  • If you prefer colored 3D coatings, try to identify a single wall to enhance. In this way, the entire living area will not be burdened.
  • Play with the lighting, perfect for creating interesting light and shadow effects. You will easily notice how the walls are able to change their appearance during the day, from natural light to the artificial one in the evening.
  • You can think of inserting them as dividers of contiguous environments. In this way they will be transformed into objects to be admired with a specific function.
  • Choose shapes and textures that are more similar to the geometry of the space in order to create a pleasant visual continuity between the parts.
Decorating the living room walls with neon lights can be a truly original and unexpected option. Thanks to the numerous options available on the market, it will be possible to choose between the most varied shapes and models. Used since the Eighties, neon creates an ambient light capable of necessarily accompanying the main lighting.

Source: Pexel

One of the positive aspects of using neon is certainly its versatility. With a little imagination it is possible to create wonderful works of art that, even when turned off, are admired and acquire more and more charm. Functionality and aesthetics combine to create a perfect wall decoration.
Here are some interesting ideas to design your Neon Art concept:
  • Use custom shapes. In addition to those already predefined, many workshops create unique handmade objects, born from inspiration and creativity. An example of this are the luminous writings that manage to transform themselves into real artistic creations.
  • If you want to give a pop touch to the living room, you can choose rather bright fluorescent colors, perhaps combined with a wall paint. The result will be perfect for those looking for an eclectic and cheerful effect.
  • Place the lights in strategic points, in order to enhance a corner or a wall. With simplicity you can characterize a part of the living room, without adding further details to the wall.
  • White always exerts a great charm. For those who don't want to dare, choosing a white neon light can be a good compromise. Light and delicate, it can add an elegant touch by adapting to all styles.

Many old neon signs can be found in flea markets and antique shops. Unique pieces of inestimable value!
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