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The fourth edition of the conference which since 2013 has been the reference point on the evolution of BIM in Italy, in a market where digitization is now a fact.

The transition from analog to digital is not just a phase change but a real revolution, which has now started, within the entire supply chain. The construction market, on a global scale, sees considerable investments especially in strategic infrastructures, while in our country we are experiencing a situation in which the entrepreneurial and professional system of the construction sector is trying to understand what are the development possibilities of a market that has fully experienced a long-term structural crisis. In 2017 the total amount of BIM oriented design tenders was 36 million euros, in 2018 the value increased to 246 million euros for 291 tenders: data that represent good market responsiveness.

From the client to the management of the work, passing through the design and construction, BIM favors the digitization of the entire supply chain. The challenge facing operators will be to transfer BIM from the computer to the construction site, aware that BIM contributes to the evolution of the design sector and above all of construction.

Since the first edition, BIMSummit has been the appointment to illustrate the trends and developments of BIM and digitization. A particular focus will be on the management of the large amount of data and information that digitization produces. International experts will present experiences and methods to face this challenge which will be decisive in the near future.

Starting from our BIM Vision, our experts will illustrate the Harpaceas proposal for the implementation of BIM: a method to be operational and to be able to effectively govern the transformation towards the digitization of methods and information.

National and international experts, representatives of public and private clients, engineering companies, construction companies and general contractors, among the most important in our country and beyond, will sit at the table of the speakers at BIMSummit 2019.

Pietro Baratono, Superintendent of the OOPP of Lombardy and Emilia Romagna will talk about the critical issues and prospects of the DM560 / 2017
Martin Weigand, Product Manager of Wienerberger AG and Andrea Minerdo, Vice President of dRofu, will deal with the topic of data driven BIM
Rolf Jerving, CEO of dRofus, will deal with the topic of digital data management along the supply chain
There will also be some companies that will present their testimonials on the use of BIM:

CMB will bring the experience of a BIM oriented General Contractors;
I.CO.P will illustrate the advantages of BIM for a construction company;
Consorzio Engekowill illustrate how BIM is strategic for an engineering company;
QC Terme will talk about how BIM is an opportunity for the client. And not only ...
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