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Competition open to Italian architects under 40 for the design of the new R&D Center in Nice, the space to design the future of innovation

Inside an evolving Headquarters, the project will have to interpret the idea of dynamism and movement that are the basis of the company philosophy.

Performance, innovation, technology and sustainability they are called to converge in spaces that reflect the centrality of the person also in the workplace; spaces capable of stimulating imagination and thinking, interaction and collaboration.

The Nice Group

Nice is the Italian multinational of international reference in the Home Automation, Home Security and Smart Home sector with a wide range of integrated and connected solutions for the automation of gates, garages, solar shading systems, parking lots, wireless and home alarms security, for residential, commercial and industrial applications.


In line with the principles that have inspired the evolution of Nice and its Headquarters over the years, the new building - which will be the headquarters of the Group's center of excellence for Research and Development - will also have to reflect the idea of dynamism and movement that are the basis of the company philosophy. A concept of movement to be understood in a broader sense as a tension towards and into the future, as an evolution, which testifies to Nice's constant ambition to be the primary actor of change. Oriented towards overcoming current constraints, the new plant will have to talk about the future by combining new and original languages with a highly performing architecture, of which movement is an integral part through not only formal but also technological choices.

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