The skyscraper's infinity pool, where's the diving board?

The seductive images show the entire roof of an unidentified central London tower intended for an infinity pool, with no apparent entrance.
It is meant to be a "punch to the sky" that destroys borders.
The project is announced by the British company Compass Pool, specialized in the production of swimming pools, which has unveiled what the most beautiful swimming pool in the world will be like, whose production will begin during 2020, if investors confirm interest in the project.

Designer Alex Kemsley said: "the building was born as a design concept to push the boundaries of engineering and literally break the sky" and added that there was "significant global interest", including talks. with several investors and a luxury hotel chain. Kemsley said London would be her favorite location.
Test your eyes with a 360 degree view of London from a height of 220m, it will truly be something you have never experienced.

The exact location of Infinity London has yet to be confirmed.

Infinity London could start construction as early as 2020 if all partners and contractors are confirmed.
It will have a five-star international hotel on the upper floors of the building with the swimming pool used by guests.

Commenting on the design, Compass Pool Pool Designer and Technical Director Alex Kemsley said, “We have faced some pretty important technical challenges for this building, the most important being how to actually get into the pool.
"Normally a simple staircase would be sufficient, but we did not want stairs outside the building or in the pool because they would spoil the view, the solution found is based on the system adopted for the door of a submarine, combined with a rotating spiral staircase that goes up from the bottom of the pool when someone wants to get in or out, it's an absolute novelty in the design of pools and buildings and a bit like in the James Bond films. "
The pool will also be equipped with a built-in anemometer to monitor wind speed and will be connected to a computer-controlled building management system that will regulate the pool's temperature and ensure that water does not spill onto the streets below. The water will be heated using waste energy from the building's air conditioning system.

The pool will be made of cast acrylic and will feature transparent walls and floors, so visitors below will be able to see the swimmers swimming above them.

If it does not end for London from the pool you will see another panorama, there could be negotiations for a similar project in Dubai.

Peter Cook, of the Archigram architecture firm, once said, "The skyscraper is still the stuff of heroes. Superman and Superwoman can aspire to the executive floor, or even higher. The only problem for a designer is how to make yours high. box different from the others. " Cook's adage becomes more and more true.

Photos: Compass Pools
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