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The object of the competition is the acquisition, after completion of the two-stage procedure, of a definitive project for the construction of the New Kindergarten, with the consequent identification of the winner (or group of subjects), to whom, after identification and commitment of the necessary economic resources, entrust in accordance with the provisions of art. 152, paragraph 5, of Legislative Decree 50/2016 and subsequent amendments and in accordance with the provisions of this Announcement, the executive design.
The assignee of the final design, pursuant to art. 23 paragraph 12 and 154 paragraph 4 of Legislative Decree 50/2016 and subsequent amendments and i., the executive design will be entrusted.
Detailed information on the expectations, contents and characteristics of the project theme, including compliance with minimum environmental criteria, pursuant to art. 34 paragraph 2 of Legislative Decree 50/2016 and subsequent amendments, are reported in the Technical - Economic Feasibility Study attached to the documentation of this Competition.
Estimated cost for the construction of the work
The maximum amount for the works is estimated at € 2,750,000.00, excluding safety charges (quantified in € 24,750.00) and net of VAT. as per the contents reported in the S.F.T.E., with the relative classification of the categories of work envisaged, according to the codification referred to in the D.M. June 17, 2016 on the subject of professional fees for Architecture and Engineering Services.
The Technical - Economic Feasibility Study the description and the minimum surfaces to be guaranteed in the design of the spaces making up the project. It also shows the Economic Technical Framework for a total amount of €. 3,280,000.00.
The total amount of the Economic Technical Framework must be considered the maximum limit and must not be exceeded in the preparation of the final project.
The cost for carrying out the work, the incidence of safety charges and the sums available to the administration may be changed in the next level of design, always in compliance with the total amount of the economic framework of €. 3,280,000.00.

The competition is organized according to the procedure provided for by paragraph 4 of art. 154 of Legislative Decree 50/2016 and subsequent amendments, or the open procedure in two degrees:

• 1st DEGREE (elaboration of the project idea):
Participation in the 1st degree is open to all those admitted as per the following points of this Notice, except in the cases of exclusion provided for.
In this phase, the participants will have to elaborate an idea proposal that, in compliance with the costs, the Technical Economic Feasibility Study and the required services, allows the Commission of selection to choose, according to the evaluation criteria referred to in Article 17 below, the best ones five creative proposals, selected without making a ranking, to be admitted to the 2nd grade;

• 2nd GRADE (elaboration of the final project):
Participation in the 2nd degree is reserved for the authors of the best design proposals admitted by the commission, which developed in compliance with the costs, the Technical Economic Feasibility Study and the required services, will be evaluated by the Commission of selection, which, applying the assessment pursuant to Article 18 below, will formulate the ranking, identifying the winning project proposal.
The anonymity of the entire procedure, aimed at ensuring uniform conditions of participation and absolute impartiality of evaluation by the Commission, will be guaranteed through the use of two different six-digit alphanumeric codes, freely chosen by the competitor.
You will have to proceed as ....>>

SUBJECTS ADMITTED TO THE COMPETITION: PARTICIPATION REQUIREMENTSAuthorized architects and engineers who have residence and domicile in a member state of the European Union can participate in the Competition, on the date of publication of the notice in the Official Gazette,
to exercise the profession and registered in their respective registers or in the appropriate registers provided for by the current professional regulations according to the rules of the individual states of belonging.

Premiums and reimbursement of expenses
  • The winner of the competition will receive a prize of € 10,000.00 (net of VAT and any other legal charges).
This amount will constitute an advance for the development of the competition papers until the final project level is reached.
With this payment, as established by art. 152 paragraph 5 of Legislative Decree 50/2016 and subsequent amendments, the ownership of the winning project proposal is acquired by the client body.
  • A prize of € 5,000.00 will be awarded to the second classified competitor (net of VAT and any other legal charges).
  • A prize of € 4,000.00 is awarded to the third-placed competitor (net of VAT and any other legal charges).
  • A prize of € 2,000.00 each is awarded to the fourth and fifth place competitors (net of VAT and any other legal charges).
No compensation is recognized for participation in the first degree of the competition.
The settlement of the prizes and reimbursements of expenses as determined above, will take place within 60 (sixty) days from the date of execution of the administrative provision approving the
final ranking of the Competition.
In the case of groupings, the prizes / reimbursements of expenses will be paid exclusively to the person indicated as the group leader in the registration application.

The intellectual property and copyright of the submitted projects belong to the competing authors according to the legal provisions regarding copyright and intellectual property rights.
For projects, images and all material made available to the client and requested for participation, the competitor assumes all responsibility resulting from the violation of patent, author, intellectual property and, in general, the property rights of others.
Announcement and Information in full form on the website of the Contracting Authority: ; Participants must periodically consult the web address of the Contracting Authority to verify any further communications relevant to the procedure.
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