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After a long wait, the UNI 11337-7 standard concerning the qualification of the skills of professionals working in the BIM world was finally published at the end of December.
This standard is a fundamental reference for the certification of skills.

Further perspectives are now opening up to enhance the professional skills operating in the BIM field as there is the possibility of having a certification issued in accordance with a national standard and with Accredia accreditation, which allows the certification to be recognized as a professional title pursuant to law 4/2013 on unorganized professions.

With the publication of the UNI standard, in fact, Article 9 of Law 4 of 14/01/2013 can be applied, which gives accredited certification bodies the right to issue a certificate of conformity to a UNI technical standard defined for the individual profession. , such as UNI 11337-7.

The importance of this law, introduced in order to formally recognize professions that are not regulated by registers, orders or colleges, lies precisely in the fact that the certification is recognized as a real professional title and will allow you to place yourself on the market with verified skills by an independent third party, also as a guarantee for the companies that will request the services.

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