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7. The internal pattern and the age group: characters closely linked together

When the interior design concerns the bedroom, it is necessary to take into account the age of the child, since more than for any other user, his needs change over time. It is therefore necessary to guarantee flexibility and be able to foresee sudden change since different tastes and needs correspond to each age. Following are some examples of interior design projects, divided according to age (neonatal and pre-school, school, adolescent) and gender.

0 - 36 MONTHS

During the first months, the baby's room will be the place dedicated to the care of the little one; the furniture in addition to being of quality, in order to keep the environment healthy, must be functional above all to the mother who takes care of the baby. The most suitable tones for the walls are light blue, blue and pink and the same can be enriched with wallpaper decorations that show subjects belonging to the natural world and fairy tales. They are also reasons that can be easily removed over the years, making them perfect for the first stage of a child's growth.

As far as the spatial organization is concerned, it must be conducted with a view to safety in order to avoid accidents and unforeseen events; in this case it is preferable to opt for capacious and functional furniture with soft and simple lines. The storage accessories and wall organizers are practical and useful for mothers when changing their baby, perfect to be placed near the changing table, they save time and space. Textile accessories, such as carpets, curtains and cushions must be safe and of quality; cotton, linen and natural fibers are preferable, while on the textures you can indulge in polka dots, clouds and stars.

Particular attention should be given to the lighting choices, since if during the day the environment is mostly illuminated by natural light, in the evening and at night, when the baby can be awake, it is necessary to use artificial light. Suspension lamps and wall lights are preferable which emanate a soft and non-violent light that can help sleep without bothering the newborn. Highly recommended are the luminaires characterized by perforated shells that reflect real patterns of light on the walls: relaxing and stimulating, they help the child to fall asleep.

Below is an example of the composition of the spaces dedicated to the baby and differentiated by gender


In this age group the child begins to interact with spaces and people, for this reason the goal is twofold: to find a solution that is safe for the child and that stimulates him enough. The idea of painting the ceiling or the wall on the head of the bed with a starry sky or the walls with cartoon characters may seem risky but if done with care it can give an excellent aesthetic result and efficient results to develop creativity and child's fantasy.

Very suitable in this phase are the pastel colors of blue, light gray and pink, appreciated by the little ones, they rest the mind and ensure relaxation. In fact, it is of fundamental importance to remember that children must feel protected and safe and for this reason it will be optimal to decorate the walls and recreate "secret" and magical corners inside the bedroom with curtains and fabric houses.

From the furnishing point of view, there are many lines that meet the taste of parents and children: they range from ecological and totally wooden ones, to colorful ones with extravagant shapes, up to transformable and functional ones. Drawers and chests that contain clothes and objects, towable boxes used both as a game and as a container, height-adjustable stools, everything can be combined with taste even if not part of the same series.

In short, the watchword is to choose the furniture with imagination and according to needs with the aim of stimulating the imagination of young users by helping them to feel an integral part of their living spaces.

Starting from school age, it is essential to take into account the wishes of children who begin to develop their taste and first interests: decorations of dragons and characters from adventurous legends, badges of their favorite team, educational toys, everything must be studied for their needs. There are also some iconic figures in the growth of the child, which if inserted into the environment make him feel at ease. One of them is the classic house with a sloping roof; it can be purchased as a real game even if it is recommended only in the case of very large spaces. If the size of the room does not allow it, it will be perfect reproduced as a decoration on the wall or transformed into a small bookcase or container with a dual function.

The playful aspect together with the educational one must have priority over everything for the organization of the space that will be so functional and welcoming.

Below is an example of the composition of the spaces dedicated to school-age children and differentiated on the basis of sex



If during childhood the attention is given to the playful aspect, with the passing of the years and with the growth of children, the needs change drastically. Toys make room for clothing and accessories for girls, while music and sports prevail over boys. The ideal would be to have plenty of space to tidy everything up in a comfortable walk-in closet, but contingencies do not always allow it. In the case of small or small spaces, you can opt for shelves and drawers that can contain accessories and clothes, the desk where you can study and the comfortable bed of adequate size. Usually the room is divided into a living area for study and leisure and a sleeping area.
From the point of view of decorations and accessories, parents must leave room for the choices of the children that will reflect the specific taste and personality. The freedom in the choice of colors and furnishings left to those who will live in the room is of fundamental importance, as well as expressing the personality of the children, it ensures the well-being of the same who will feel at ease. Alternatively, it is advisable to choose furniture with essential lines to allow teenagers to customize the spaces according to their style.

Below is an example of the composition of the spaces dedicated to the boy and differentiated by gender

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