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The new design competition The transparent factory was presented at the Congress Center of the Industrial Union, wanted by the Gallina Group to give life to the new company headquarters that will rise on the 93,000 square meters of the former Comau factory in Borgaretto, a hamlet of Beinasco.
The competition is planned by the Foundation for Architecture / Turin in collaboration with the Order of Architects of Turin.
The following took part:
  • Dario Gallina, COO of the Gallina Group
  • Daniel Gallina, COO of the Gallina Group
  • Alessandro Cimenti, president of the Foundation for Architecture / Turin
  • Massimo Giuntoli, president of the Turin Order of Architects
  • Alessandra Siviero, director of the Turin Order of Architects
Attached is the press release and the competition form.
At this link you can download some images of the contest object:
The notice is available at the address:
Press Office Foundation for Architecture / Turin
Raffaella Bucci T. 011 5360514 | M. 347 0442782 |
Giulia Gasverde T. 011 5360513 | M. 347 5077292 |

Organizing body
Dr. Gallina Srl

Competition programming
Foundation for architecture / Turin - arch. Roberto Secci

Design competition in two degrees: anonymous first degree and overt second degree. The goal is the transformation of the disused industrial spaces of the former Comau di Beinasco (93,000 square meters) into the new company headquarters, operational and management headquarters.

Type of procedure
The competition is divided into two degrees:
1. the first degree, in an open and anonymous form, is aimed at selecting the four best project proposals to be admitted to the second degree;
2. the second degree, clearly and preceded by a discussion session with the Commission of selection, is aimed at deepening the details of the design and identifying the best design proposal among those selected in the first degree.
The competition procedures and the relationship between the Organizing Body and the competitors will take place exclusively electronically through the website

The competition is open to architects and engineers registered in the respective professional associations or professional registers of the countries of origin, qualified to practice the profession. The participation of junior architects and junior engineers is allowed within the limits of the provisions of Article 15 and following (for the profession of architect) as well as by Article 45 and following (for the profession of engineer) of the Presidential Decree 328/2001 and subsequent amendments Competitors can participate individually or jointly through groups.

Publication of the call: 7 May 2019

Inspections: 13 May 2019 and 17 May 2019 10 am-12pm
Presentation of the modular systems produced by Dott.Gallina Srl: 13 May 2019 and 17 May 2019, 2-4 pm

Deadline for 1st degree clarifications: 31 May 2019
Publication of answers to 1st degree questions: 10 June 2019
Deadline for submission of 1st grade papers: 15 July 2019
Notification of candidates admitted to the 2nd degree: 29 July 2019

Comparison sessions with selected competitors: 1st and 2nd August 2019
Deadline for submitting 2nd grade papers: 30 September 2019

Winner announcement: 14 October 2019

1st place: € 20,000
The remaining 3 projects admitted to the 2nd degree: € 5,000

Dr. Gallina Srl, in the belief that the competition tool stimulates the creativity of young talents and is the most effective means of collecting and selecting quality project proposals in a transparent way, announces a design competition with the aim of transforming industrial spaces today. decommissioned in its new operational and management headquarters.
The procedure involves a two-stage competition with the first phase open, the object of which is the acquisition, after completion of the second degree, of a preliminary project that contains all the information necessary to develop the subsequent degrees of study.
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