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From a functional point of view, however, the open space can prove to be a useful choice in the case of reduced spaces: the absence of physical barriers gives a wider and more fluid image with the consequent increase in personal well-being. Finally, if you are lucky enough to reside in an aesthetically valuable context, the living area can be interpreted as one with the surrounding environment, increasing the presence of openings that will filter natural light and that will create a close connection with the 'external.
However, as previously announced, some inconveniences may arise which in the long run could cause daily problems. Since one of the rooms in question is the kitchen, it is easy to understand that bad smells are the first not to be appreciated, especially in the winter season when the window surfaces remain closed for most of the day.

An excellent solution is represented by the suction systems of the vapors produced during food preparation; they will prevent its rapid and unpleasant diffusion in the environment. Another problem found in this type of solution is characterized by the restriction of privacy. In fact, the absence of partition walls limits confidentiality, in favor of the total sharing of spaces and times.
Despite this, there are various solutions to mitigate environments with the aim of shielding functions in a not too invasive way. In this regard, you can choose between partitions, retractable doors or simple partitions with a more or less dense texture. These are elements which in addition to being functional provide a good aesthetic result; they can be made up of strips or stretched ropes which create an alternation of full and empty spaces, offering play of light and decorative textures.

   Example of dividing elements consisting of wooden and metal strips

In addition, there are various measures that allow you to distinguish the rooms according to their function, without having to raise walls. An idea may be to place the sofa between the living area and that of the actual kitchen. Depending on your needs, you can opt for a classic two-seater sofa, in case of small space, up to the corner sofas and with poufs attached if you are lucky enough to enjoy large spaces.

This is how the sofa serves a double function, that of sitting and that of dividing element between distinct functional areas of the house. A valid alternative to the sofa can be characterized by the low furniture that separates, however allowing direct contact between one environment and another of the open space. Today on the market there is an infinite range of sideboards and storage units or TV stands able to satisfy the most particular tastes and needs. This is how for the second time the furniture is multifunctional: it divides, contains, supports and enriches the appearance of your room.

          Solaris storage unit, Riflessi                                    Iceberg sofa, Maisons du Monde

If, on the other hand, the idea of ​​placing a piece of furniture in the center constitutes a disturbance in the desired spatial organization, there are less cumbersome and equally effective choices.
It is mainly a question of differentiating the finishes of floors and walls thanks to the use of different materials and colors. In this sense, it can be useful to create a reference between the various environments that constitutes a real fil rouge for the project.
These choices guarantee a great visual impact and this is why it is necessary to carefully study the combination of colors, shapes and materials to achieve a satisfactory result. In case you want to intervene in a slightly more invasive way, the possibility is to create different levels of altitude between the various environments.
Floors listed in a different way will correspond to rooms with specific functions, the important thing is to limit yourself to inserting one or a maximum of two steps in order to avoid excessive differences in height.

Combination of finishes corresponding to different environments

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