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A very trendy solution in recent years is that of post-industrial glazing: it is a semi-transparent surface that in the kitchen as well as being a screen between different environments, acts as an obstacle for the bad smells that are created during the cooking of meals .
It is very functional and aesthetically scenic, it adapts well to all environments giving them a defined identity. Finally, in the case of generous spaces for the kitchen, you can choose the island solution, or the piano bar that allow you to delimit the space and guarantee large support surfaces and for preparing food.

Example of post-industrial glazing that divides the living area from the sleeping area

4. How to furnish the open space

If the open space allows you to give ample space of choice and organization, furnishing it is not so obvious. First of all, it is necessary to choose the functions to be placed and calculate how much space to allocate to each of them. Secondly, it is necessary to understand if a multifunctional furniture is needed which occupies less space but which is flexible according to the needs. To be called a good interior design, it must consider various elements such as dimensions, proportions and design, without sacrificing any of them.
The kitchen area will require large and comfortable shelves for food preparation activities.
The organization and arrangement of cooking tools is also a fundamental prerogative: wall units and drawers scanned inside by practical dividers will guarantee perfect order.
As for the table it can be chosen in various shapes and sizes that best suit the environment; moreover, in the case of small spaces, extensible solutions are available on the market, useful for dinners with friends. Often the space of the kitchen-dining room merges with the living room, a place dedicated to relaxation and socializing.

In most cases, sofas or furniture units are chosen as if to lightly mark the transition from one room to another; these are very often multifunctional solutions that are able to respond to various needs. Some sideboards and bookcases are designed to be used on both sides (the one facing the kitchen / dining room and the one facing the living room), becoming the perfect solution capable of combining function and economic savings.
In the event that the space available is very limited, the best choice is to merge the living and sleeping areas into a single open space. It is in any case an uncommon option but if contingencies force this need, an answer must be found and as is well known, small spaces stimulate creativity and also lead to very satisfactory results. An idea is that of the living area which includes the kitchen and the table with chairs, separated from the living room where the sofa becomes a comfortable bed for the night. In this way you can live the living room during the day, while in the evening with a rapid movement you find yourself in a real bedroom. If then between the two rooms you choose the aforementioned window in post-industrial style the game is done ! No bad smells from the kitchen and maximum functionality in a small space. The sofa bed therefore becomes the fulcrum of the project that combines living and sleeping areas in a single open space; it must be chosen carefully by analyzing its measurements, its conformation and of course comfort, not forgetting the wide use that will be made of it.

Open space environment that blends living and sleeping areas

As for the furnishings, personal taste will guide the choice, but in the case of the open space, the rugs can be very useful more than in any other situation. In fact, they can delimit different spaces by giving them a specific identity; they must be positioned so as not to obstruct the passage and if you choose to place armchairs or tables above them, check that they do not protrude to avoid uncomfortable or dangerous positions. In addition, textile accessories can be united by a particular color or texture so that there is a clear reference between the environments that will be so divided but uniform.

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