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As if to complete the kitchen area, the dining room can occupy a more or less extensive area. Usually it consists of a table with chairs and sometimes a sideboard where you can store dishes and glasses which are essential for eating meals with friends. The table plays a fundamental role for the environment in question since in addition to being a functional fulcrum it is also an element on the basis of which the other furnishings are arranged. It must be placed near the kitchen to ensure the convenience of moving between the stove and the dining area. Dimensions and shape may vary depending on the space available and specific needs: in rectangular environments a table of the same shape is recommended, while in square rooms the choice varies between round and square tables. It is necessary to consider that being a functional element, the table must guarantee the user a comfortable consumption of the meal. For this purpose, 40 cm of frontal dimensions and 60 cm of lateral dimensions are calculated.
As for the length, if you opt for rectangular tables with six seats, up to 150 cm, while with the same size, the round table seats eight. It is however important to remember that the round table has a larger footprint and therefore it is recommended in fairly large environments. In the case of small spaces, the best solution is the square table, which can be extended in case of large dinners. From the point of view of materials, there are many on the market, sometimes combined in a contrasting manner. Wooden table tops and steel legs, crystal tables and pvc details, these are original choices with a strong aesthetic impact but we must not forget the importance of the function. If the table is often used, even for activities not related to lunch and dinner, it is preferable to opt for a more resistant and durable material.

It is a multifunctional space, where you can relax, find, study and cultivate your passions. For this reason there are no real rules to follow but it is good to model the space on your tastes and needs. The primary objective is to make the environment warm and welcoming, all the more so since the living room has become a very popular area in everyday life at the expense of the aseptic image it has kept for a long time. The key element of this environment is the sofa: with two or three seats, with pouf or footrest, the important thing is that it is comfortable and enveloping.
Another important parameter to be considered to ensure comfort is the height of the headrest: it must be proportionate to the height of the user to avoid physical discomfort. Once the dimensions have been calibrated on the space available, you can choose the material: leather, eco-leather, fabric, the best solution is to have the possibility to wash the lining if necessary.

The coffee table, a strategic support surface for books and herbal teas, is very useful to support the sofa, there are some with a removable tray.In this case you will have a table, tray and support structure in a single and practical furniture. If the client is a good reader, a bookcase in which to store books and magazines in an orderly manner cannot be missing in the living room. There are all types and sizes on the market; ranging from the classic standardized modules, to the sections designed to measure with respect to the spatial conformation, up to the equipped walls.Used as a partition, or positioned along the walls, being very flexible elements they will help to optimize space and to exploit even seemingly useless corners. It is necessary to pay attention to the performance of the bookcase, thus choosing it based on its storage capacity, practicality and durability over time. Furthermore, these are furnishings that can also be customized in the finishes so as to obtain a good aesthetic result. Finally, some solutions are also multifunctional, such as those that provide useful flap shelves that become support surfaces, or compartments that function as a TV stand.

From the lighting point of view, it is important that the environment in question is welcoming, for this reason cold light is strongly discouraged, in favor of light sources with a warm and diffused beam. The floor lamps are also perfect, real pieces of furniture, functional and pleasing to the eye. As for the complements, they will have to marry personal taste and make the environment personalized and welcoming; the rugs will delimit specific and intimate areas, such as those of sofas and armchairs, while curtains and cushions can be chosen with stylistic coherence in order to avoid the "bazaar effect".

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