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Bioarchitecture and Sustainability Week 2019: tools and strategies for achieving the sustainable development goals

The exhibition dedicated to sustainable solutions is back, from 18 to 22 November in Modena, Mirandola, Vignola and Bologna. There are two national awards: the Sustainability Award and the Mobility Award

A unique event of its kind dedicated to green previews, organized by AESS Agency for Energy and Sustainable Development which this year celebrates its 20 years of activity, it will be itinerant and will take place between Modena, Mirandola, Vignola and Bologna.
A preview, 5 days, 11 sessions for seminars, workshops, technical conferences and a master's lesson dedicated to students, more than 100 speakers, 2 national awards: Sustainability Award which for its eighth edition analyzes and presents the best green architecture in Italy. Italia and the Mobility Award which selects innovative transport systems from 2 editions aimed at achieving the zero carbon strategy. A review of local, national and international best practices that alternate on the territory for a week.
Innovative event regarding environmental strategies relating to sustainable design and construction, which is now in its sixteenth edition, sees technicians and experts in the sector confront each other on redeveloping and designing sustainable and intelligent, with energy saving and safety. The event sees the performance of two national awards: the SUSTAINABILITY AWARD which analyzes and presents the best green architectures in Italy and the MOBILITY AWARD which selects innovative transport systems aimed at achieving the zero carbon strategy.
For the development of the program, a technical committee coordinated by AESS met periodically to ensure a high scientific content, and to strengthen the implementation methods to relaunch the global partnership for sustainable development.

It starts on November 15, 2019 with the preview at the Enzo Ferrari Birthplace Museum, where the winners of the “Mobility Award 2019” will be awarded from 2 pm.
'Environmental energy strategies for the existing historical and restricted architectural heritage': is the opening theme on Monday 18 November at 9.30 in the Ecological House in Modena where some cases and tools useful for the management of the delicate transformation of contemporary buildings are evaluated in the name of technological innovation and environmental energy tools for the existing architectural heritage and of historic buildings, with the GBC Historic Building protocol of the LEED energy-environmental certification as the guiding thread.
The two meetings on Tuesday 19 November will also be held at the Casa Ecologica: the first from 9.30 to 13.30 ‘Innovation, digitization in the transformation of the built: BIM case history in new and existing architectures’, to evaluate tools and cases carried out relating to the restoration, consolidation and school building of the regional and national territory in which performance was improved and the integrated design, construction and maintenance process of buildings was made more effective.
From 2.30 pm to 6.30 pm the afternoon meeting: ‘Opportunities to promote sustainable construction: CAM-minimum environmental criteria for construction products’, we will speak with TÜV Italia and other CAM experts, introduced in 2017 and mandatory for public procurement which are certainly an opportunity to promote sustainable construction, with a very ambitious goal: to consider the building throughout its life cycle.
Also on Wednesday 20 November the location will be the Ecological House with the meeting “Technical and fiscal insights for the energy requalification of buildings”, from 9.30 am referring to the new European directives that push towards the energy requalification of homes, updates and insights are presented on the opportunities, the potential of the market and the criticalities regarding energy efficiency control systems, bonuses for energy requalification, green bonus and Sismabonus. We talk about it with ISI Italian Seismic Engineering. In the afternoon, from 2.30 pm, we will talk about ‘Regeneration of the territory: a focus on regulatory aspects’ to investigate tools, policies and possibilities for territorial governance for a new idea of a city, a city that promotes sustainable use of the soil and the recovery of the existing one to reduce land consumption, incentives for renewables with the GSE Manager of Energy Services.
Decarbonisation of buildings and the transition to electricity’ will be the theme of the morning session on Thursday 21 November organized in collaboration with the Clust-ER Build, the decarbonization of the building will be tackled at 360 ° through the presentation of cases of technological innovation, circular economy in building components, state of the art opportunities and critical issues.
New for 2019 is the Bolognese leg of the event to be held in Fico EATALYWORLD, from 2 pm to 7 pm: “Casaclima Tour and Aess together to promote construction quality in Emilia Romagna”: a session to promote and raise the construction quality of buildings without leaving room for improvisations. In parallel, a focus carried out in collaboration with Abitcoop, on urban regeneration: what does it mean today, concrete examples.
Mitigation and adaptation to climate change of the territories”: the technical meeting on climate change that will open on the morning of the fifth day of the "Week" will focus on an analysis of territorial policies that can help achieve the goals of the global agreement stipulated by the United Nations conference on climate change in Paris. In parallel, again that morning in Mirandola, a master's lesson on Climate by Luca Lombroso dedicated to high school students.
In the afternoon, from 2.30 pm to 6.30 pm, the conference will be held in which the best green architectures in Italy, winners of the 'Sustainability Award 2019', will be presented in detail, a review of case histories that denote the implementation of transformation processes of the existing heritage and more aware new construction projects throughout the national territory. The final meeting will be held at the Rocca di Vignola.
The event is promoted by the Cassa di Risparmio di Modena Foundation, the Cassa di Risparmio di Mirandola Foundation, the Vignola Foundation and the Modena Chamber of Commerce.
The sessions are subject to the attribution of professional training credits by professional associations and colleges. Participation in the afternoon session of 11/21/2019 releases CasaClima training credits and other sessions will release ANACI training credits. In addition, the sessions are valid for the purposes of the training update required by the TÜV Italia scheme for "Expert in Energy Management (EGE)".

The event is free and free (registration from the site is mandatory
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