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1st Edition 2019
Until June 30 to submit the text of the work which must be no longer than 7,000 characters, including spaces; Two graphic works or photographs are allowed to accompany the text "

The Order of Architects, Planners, Landscape Architects and Conservators of the Province of Arezzo, su proposal and with the collaboration of its Culture Commission, announces the 1st edition of the National Writing Competition “Architecture of Words”.
How was the title born? The title of the competition is inspired by a sentence, indeed from a work written by Carlo Mollino, a sui generis architect in the context of Italian and European architecture of the 20th century.
Mollino is recognized as having the ability to have been a transversal artist, capable of communicating with writers, art historians and of having actively engaged in cinema and urban planning with equal sensitivity and competence.
His multidisciplinarity, which has never made him lose sight of his role as an architect, has led him to become an ideal mentor for the competition announced by the Order of Architects P.P.C. of Arezzo.
Achieving Architecture with words is a stimulating and constructive challenge, not accidental, which wants to put Architecture (historical, modern or contemporary) at the center of the spotlight in a context that is free from preconceptions and superstructures. The Competition aims to read and interpret Architecture through a textual narrative, which can be accompanied by graphic works and / or photos.

Competition. It is reserved for all those who love architecture and wish to "talk" about architecture through writing.

Participation in the competition is free and open to all, with the exclusion of members of the Council, of the Cultural Commission of the Order of Architects P.P.C. of Arezzo and the members of the Competition Jury.
Registration must take place after completing and sending the appropriate form (attached to this announcement).
Competitors may submit only one (1) work, written in Italian. The work presented may contain testimonies, facts, reports and travel experiences; it must also be unpublished, autobiographical and not fictionalized.
Competitors agree to participate in the Competition in an open form, the anonymous form being excluded.

Aims of the Award:
a) Summarizing two forms of art, Architecture and Writing, in a unicum.
b) Stimulate attention to architecture and how it affects and influences the context in which we live.
c) Let architects tell about Architecture not only, discovering through other interpretations and critical analysis, new perspectives to appreciate its value.
d) Create a creative meeting point to promote the debate on Architecture.

The verdict will be made official at the end of July 2019 through the website of the Order of Architects P. P. C. of Arezzo (
The finalists will be notified by e-mail.
The award ceremony will be held in September 2019, on the date and place established by the Order of Architects, Landscape Planners and Conservators of the Province of Arezzo.
Registration for the Competition (free) will be ratified when the work and the related accompanying form are completed in all its parts.

In drafting the works, participants must emphasize the Architecture to which they refer.
Writing has been confined, with the passage of time, to the theoretical and bureaucratic sphere of the Architecture itself; with this initiative we want to give new vigor to the link between Architecture and Scripture. Thus the
Competition places the narrative dimension as a complementary and unavoidable tool from the creative process of Architecture.
They will be admitted together with the text, and will be the subject of evaluation, graphic works and / or photographs which will affect the overall evaluation by a score not exceeding two (2) points out of a total of ten (10). Ten (10) will constitute the maximum score assigned to the work in its entirety.

The nature of the prizes is established as follows:
The first ten selected works will become part of the National Diary Archive Foundation.
The three works that will be evaluated as the best by the Jury of the prize, will have further recognition as specified below:
  • First place. “Valentina” typewriter (produced by Olivetti in 1968 based on a design by Ettore Sottsass) and souvenir plate.
  • Runner up. € 200 * book voucher and souvenir plaque.
  • Third place. E-reader and souvenir plate.
* The voucher will be in the form of a gift card

The Council of the Order of Architects P.P.C. of Arezzo will appoint a Reading Group and a Jury.
The Reading Group, composed of members of the Cultural Commission of the Order of Architects P.P.C. of Arezzo, assisted by a consultant from the National Diary Archive, will evaluate the works received for
select the first ten, which will be left to the judgment of the Jury.
The Jury, whose members will be chaired by the President of the Order of Architects P.P.C. of Arezzo, will operate free of charge and will assign the prizes to the first three classified at its sole discretion.
The submission of the works by the participants, together with the application form, must take place by 30 June 2019.

The Secretariat of the Order of Architects P.P.C. of Arezzo will take care of receiving the works presented in the competition and sending them to the Reading Group.

For the awarding of prizes, the Jury will choose among the works regularly presented by the deadline. The first one hundred (100) works received will be admitted to participate. The arrival date will be valid
of the file. The works over the one hundred mentioned above will enter the waiting list of the second edition of the prize.

The award ceremony will take place as part of a special event which will be given adequate prominence in the media and will be appropriately communicated on the website of the Order of Architects P.P.C. of Arezzo and by any other means that the Order itself deems appropriate. All competitors are now invited to participate in the awards event.

The text of the work must be no longer than 7,000 characters (including spaces).
The request to participate in the Competition implies full acceptance of the announcement and the automatic transfer free of charge to the Order of Architects P.P.C. of Arezzo of all copyrights relating to the work sent, for the purpose of a possible publication. The personal data of the participants will be used solely for the purposes of the Competition and, in the event of publication, the name and surname of the author will be indicated for each work, which retains the intellectual property of the work itself. In case of publication, the authors will be informed.

The application form complete in all its parts, together with the documents and the work, must be sent to the e-mail address
The registration form and the Prize regulations can be downloaded from the website
Further information can be found or requested from the secretariat of the Order of Architects P.P.C. of Arezzo, to the following contacts:
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