The balcony window is an ingenious solution because it transforms in a few seconds from a window frame flush with the roof into a retractable terrace. This occurs without creating an increase in the volume of the property, respecting municipal regulations which, in some cases, prevent the creation of dormers and vertical elements on sloping roofs.
The solution, for the insertion of windows flush with the roof starting from the floor level, are provided for roofs with a slope greater than 35 °.

The system is made up of two elements: the upper window, which opens in a vasistas and becomes a canopy, and a sliding mechanism that allows the lower part to be transformed into a parapet with side railings and handrails.

With this solution, attics and attics will be more spacious, ventilated and comfortable and the flush-fitting window, maintaining all its characteristics, can be changed in a few seconds into a real balcony.

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