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Another interesting option is represented by the combined models that with a single gesture can be split or incorporated into a single coffee table. They are perfect for those who need a flexible solution but have little space. Usually these are two identical furnishings but one smaller than the other. In case you want more functionality but in compact solutions you can choose an extendable table: perfect for small rooms, it is suitable for having a coffee or an aperitif with friends. Finally, the coffee tables equipped with wheels represent a versatile and useful variant in case you want to move the furniture easily from one room to another in the house.

The extra touch for the coffee table

Once the type of table, characteristics and position have been established, it will be good to equip the coffee corner with that "extra touch" to make a difference and amaze friends and patrons of the house. One of the accessories that goes hand in hand with the coffee table is the carpet: patterned if the furniture has clean lines and neutral colors, solid color with more decorated tables, without fringes to maintain a higher level of hygiene. The style of the sofa must also be taken into consideration in order to create a set that is pleasing to the eye.

The mix of different styles must ensure overall harmony in the "sofa-coffee table-carpet" set
Given that the coffee table, as the term suggests, fulfills the function of supporting food and drinks consumed in company and books and magazines in the reading corner, it can be used to decorate the environment
and customize it. To this end, furnishings and vases adorned with flowers will be perfect, giving vitality to the spaces. In conclusion, the design coffee table is a piece of furniture that you really cannot do without, thanks to its dual technical and aesthetic functionality.

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