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As well as the choice of the best arrangement of the spaces inside an apartment, also the choice of interior design, starting from the furniture up to the colors and finishes, often requires the intervention of an expert who allows to arrive at a homogeneous, pleasant and optimal final result.

In recent days, on the online platform for architecture and interior design, GoPillar which hosts private design and design competitions banned in which architects from all over the world can participate, is was opened by the Texan star, Kameron Westcott, protagonist of one of the most loved reality shows in America, a Contest dedicated to the choice of the best interior design for the living area of his new home in Dallas.

What are the requests from the "Real Housewives of Dallas Kameron Westcott’s formal living room" Contest?
In this contest, the interior design of the living area of a newly built house in Dallas, Texas is basically required. The purpose of the project makes it easy for any designer to participate in the tender as there is no need to have specific knowledge of the state of Texas or construction techniques.

The main request of the client is that of the style to be used: it is important that the famous "Hollywood Glam" is recalled, a design style born in the 1930s, but with a more modern touch. So all those furnishings, materials and accessories that recall the fabulous and decadent style of the first Hollywood are welcome, let's talk about candlesticks, large mirrors, sofas and poufs in velvet, decorations in silver and gold, carpets.

More specifically, the constraints that the customer places are:
  • Choose entirely the pieces of furniture, accessories, finishes and lights in the room, keeping only the wall candlesticks already present, which cannot be removed;
  • Choose a maxi-carpet that covers almost the entire surface of the room, integrating all the various functions in a single large open space;
  • Respect the budget indicated for this room which is $ 10- $ 20k.

What are the entries to be submitted to participate in the Dallas, Texas Contest?
This is a competition focused entirely on the interior design of a living area of about 50sqm in surface, therefore the delivery of particularly technical works is not required.
In particular, professionals are required to prepare: a listed floor plan with the internal arrangement of the furnishings and accessories chosen for the room; a list of the chosen pieces of furniture and accessories, with indication of the brand, color, price and reference website; a scheme that illustrates the palette of colors, materials and any patterns used in the project; finally, a 3D render that can clearly show the customer how the project was conceived and what the final atmosphere will be when it is created.

How can you participate in the Contest? Is there a registration fee?
Any architect or interior designer, from anywhere in the world, can participate in the private competition to help this American TV star to furnish the new living area and thus win the prize by simply registering on the online platform where the Contest is hosted and filling in a short professional profile. Participation in the competition is totally free and free of costs for the architect and the deadline for submitting the works is March 31, 2020.
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