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Cottagecore style: the perfect mood for nostalgics of the past

It spread like wildfire, finding unexpected success thanks to social media: we are talking about the cottagecore style. This is not a trend that affects only the aesthetic choices of your home, but a real modus vivendi that takes its cue from the English and vintage styles. In fact, it is particularly suitable for cottages and farmhouses that are often recovered today by people who decide to move to the countryside, to lead a slower and more relaxed lifestyle than that of cities.

Now let's see what it is and what are the must-haves of the cottagecore style.

What the cottagecore style consists of

One of the elements underlying this trend is the faithful revival of the antique, through the careful search for antique furnishings and vintage accessories. The goal is to recreate relaxing and romantic atmospheres. Through the use of natural materials such as raw wood, straw and rattan, the interiors recall the rural life of the past.

A typical cottagecore style interior 

In addition, from the desire to recover the slow rhythms of the past and the taste for craftsmanship with attention to the smallest details, lovers of cottagecore are used to looking for antique porcelain, doilies, retro objects and furnishings that recall the scenery of the prairies.

Through constant research, the interior spaces will be organized according to the taste and needs of those who live in the house and the spaces will be vital and sustainable. In fact, the use of natural materials and colors that recall the countryside and green landscapes will make the whole welcoming and relaxing. Warm and pastel tones such as yellow, sage green, mauve and lavender will therefore be perfect. Finally, the walls can be dressed with floral wallpapers or antique prints that reproduce elements related to the world of botany.

What cannot be missing in a cottagecore style home

One of the key principles of the cottagecore style is represented by the sustainable choice, interpreted in environmental, economic and social terms. Another aspect concerns the retro and second-hand elements which, if chosen with care, will bring added value to the whole.

Now let's see what are the main must haves that everyone should have in a perfect cottagecore style home.

1. The country table with the period chairs

Strictly made of wood, even better if raw and opaque, the dining table is the fulcrum of the convivial area and plays an important role within the living area. The dimensions can vary according to the needs, the shape also: round or rectangular, what matters is that it is accompanied by antique and comfortable chairs. An original idea may be to choose a different chair from the other as long as they are all in retro style. The gem of the antique tables is represented by the drawer for storing tablecloths and tea towels and the wooden footrest bar.

To view some technical drawings of vintage tables click here

2. The sideboard

Everyone will remember the grandmother's cupboard where the sets of plates and glasses for guests were placed. Today she is back in fashion, not only in period houses but also in modernly furnished environments so as to recreate a pleasant "surprise effect". For cottagecore-style homes, it is important to choose it in neutral or colored wood and preferably with doors fitted with precious and decorated glass.

Example of ancient wooden sideboard with upper glass doors
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