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Design wallpaper: the added value that dresses the house with style 

If on the one hand it seems to come directly from the 1970s, on the other, the recent reinterpretations in a contemporary key make it a must have able to give strong personality to the environments. We are talking about wallpaper, which is back in vogue in residential environments but also in restaurants, bars and showrooms.
The choice to insert an insert of this material is guided by the desire to customize walls and entire spaces, however it is necessary to become aware that this involves a commitment in economic and aesthetic terms.
It is in fact possible that this solution does not satisfy one's taste for long periods and it is therefore necessary to remove or replace it.
In any case, thanks to the numerous products on the market, it is possible to satisfy the changing needs and tastes of a wide and varied audience.
Let's see what are the latest news thanks to which to create a pleasant "surprise effect".

Velvety wallpaper

It is a solution produced through a special process that involves the overlapping of the velvet fibers arranged according to textures and specific designs. Depending on the budget you have, you can choose hand-made, more precious products with a personalized look or machine-made, standardized and cheaper models. The originality of this type of wallpaper consists in the three-dimensional effect of his reasons. In addition, the flocked processing ensures a pleasant sensation to the touch and makes the rooms warm and welcoming.

Examples of velvety wallpaper in different colors and textures

Washable wallpaper

This type of paper guarantees a good duration over time and requires very simple maintenance, thanks to the treatment with plastic materials to which it is subjected. Being water repellent and washable is very suitable for humid environments such as toilets and kitchens inside residences and commercial buildings. In fact, thanks to its treatment, it is not damaged by water and steam and can be sanitized like any washable surface. This solution is also perfect in environments intended for children and teenagers because it can be optimally maintained over time. The thicknesses of the paper can vary and be chosen according to the needs and conditions of the walls that will accommodate them.

Examples of washable wallpaper, in the bathroom over the tiles and in the bedroom

Tnt wallpaper

The non-woven wallpaper represents a special type of coating that recalls textile fibers in appearance but which guarantees waterproofness and resistance to wear. Consisting of synthetic materials such as polyester and resins, the processing differs from that of fabrics since the filaments do not have a specific order. The thickness of the layer to be applied to the wall can vary depending on the type chosen and the texture reproduced. The non-woven paper ensures long life, maintains its appearance over time and is easy to sanitize. In addition, there are breathable solutions on the market, perfect for particularly humid environments as they prevent the formation of mold.

Examples of retro non-woven wallpaper, similar to those in 70s fabric

Each type of designer wallpaper it is different from the other both from an aesthetic and functional point of view but all require a careful evaluation of the walls of the house before being inserted. First you need to check if there is moisture or condensation, then it is good to analyze the state of the wall, if there are unevenness or if the surface is not smooth. The installation depends on the type of paper and the chosen format, in fact the adhesive rolls which in recent years have received a high level of approval allow anyone to take care of the application, unlike in the past when it was recommended to rely only on specialized technicians. All that remains is to choose from the multitude of products available and customize your environments to the maximum.

Click here for some tips on how to decorate the walls of the house and for many other useful tips!

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