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Design desk: the number one ally of smartworking

The current socio-health situation has forced many workers at home and the dizzying increase in smartworking has led to a redefinition of domestic spaces, caused by new needs. The first residential environment that is needed today is the one intended for the study, designed specifically for remote work. The design desk is one of the key elements of the workstation and for this reason it is necessary to choose it carefully and measure it according to your needs. Starting from the type of support surface, to move on to the materials and related costs and maintenance, up to the shape and colors, everything must be analyzed with care and awareness.

Now let's see how to get to know this important piece of furniture, through some useful guidelines.

The desk: types and sizes

To make an optimal choice, the first aspect to consider is the space availability within the home. The study corner is usually located in the living room but sometimes the sleeping area is also suitable for accommodating this new function. In fact, the bedroom is a private and less frequented area of the house, where the smartworker can find tranquility and silence, precious allies of work activities. The workstation is characterized by a seat, a support surface and some furnishing accessories that are intended to improve performance through light and the organization of space.

Usually, in small rooms, the rectangular desk with a maximum depth of 90 cm is the most suitable. The advantage of these models is given by the versatility and the simple and linear design, suitable for any style. If you have larger rooms available, one of the most popular solutions is the corner desk. The advantages of this model are the breadth of the plan and the possibility that the user has to get closer to it. This aspect is of fundamental importance to prevent unpleasant damage to posture caused by an incorrect daily position. In addition, a deeper desk also offers more space to accommodate files, documents and tools for work, without having to add additional furniture elements, which are necessary in the case of smaller desks.

Large desk example

Then there are the modular, extendable or compact desks, which are chosen if you need to achieve maximum flexibility. The importance of the desk top in terms of profile, depth and size is therefore evident. Another choice concerns the layout of the desk: in fact, you can opt for a floor model or a model placed against the wall, depending on the spatial conformation of your home environments. In this regard, it must be considered that the first needs space on the floor, while the second can be obtained from niches or made up of shelves. It will be possible to choose particular models equipped with drawers, wheels and shelves or, if the desk is used by several users, solutions that can be adjusted in height. Finally, when space is very limited, the support surface can be retractable, inside wardrobes and storage units which, once used, will enclose it behind a simple door. These are very popular types in small houses or where it is important to keep order and give more flexibility to the workstation.
Two desks made inside a wardrobe and a bookcase
Ph sx: design De Rosee Sa
Ph dx: Rebelo House - Ren Ito from

It is therefore clear how the type of desk should be chosen based on its use and specific needs, in order to ensure the psycho-physical well-being of the person using it.
As for the size of the table, as for the typological choice, a lot depends on the size available and on personal needs. They range from small desks with a depth of 60 cm, up to 1.5 m deep shelves, perfect for accommodating even a desktop computer. From the point of view of length and height, they can be chosen according to the taste and functionality you want to enjoy. Usually the standard height is about 75 cm but you can choose adjustable models or alternatively, chairs that adapt to the support surface.

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