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Hotellerie: guide to the design of hotel structures

The design of hotels and hotels requires skills that are not limited to the architectural field, but fall within the economic, corporate and hospitality sectors. Before the pandemic that hit countries around the world last March, business travel, training and leisure travel were a significant lever of the global economic engine. In the future that we can soon return to travel as before, the design of hotel facilities is very important. What needs to be considered is that, unlike the residential project, the receptive one must meet the needs of the customer but also those of the investor. For this reason, it is good to ensure a correct balance between performance quality and investment capital.

Here are some guidelines to learn more about a very complex and multifaceted area.

The hotel and the "overall" project

As anticipated, the design of accommodation facilities requires transversal skills and this is why the figure of the architect is just one of the many who intervene in the hotel building process. Its goal must be to provide comfortable and high-performance environments, always taking into account the costs of each individual component. In fact, the budget is one of those essential aspects of the design of these spaces. That said, any formal choice must be based on a careful analysis of the context, the expected user flows, the function of the structure and the services it will offer.

With a view to sustainable design, the building must be oriented in order to make the most of the sun exposure and the climatic potential of the area in which it stands. Depending on the context, the opaque and transparent surfaces will be defined, any solar shading and the presence or absence of terraces from which to enjoy the surrounding panorama. The interior spaces must maximize the available square footage and communicate with the neighboring environment, according to the concept of continuum between the building and the exterior. The set of components must be designed to ensure the proper functioning of the structure in its entirety.

Once these aspects have been clarified, it will be possible to begin the design process, starting with the spatial distribution and functionalization of the various areas available. The hotel's business card is represented by the hall which has the function of welcoming the customer before check-in. Comfort and customization will be two aspects not to be underestimated to give a good first impression.

   The lobby of two hotels: minimal and modern appearance for the first and scenographic effects for the entrance of the Peninsula Hotel in Paris. Photo: unsplash - Photo:
From the hall you will have access to the rooms through the connecting elements such as corridors, stairs and elevators. In these spaces, the study of light, hygiene and safety will be important. In fact, it is necessary to comply with the legislation in terms of accessibility, absence of architectural barriers and fire safety. However, the element that determines the real choice of a hotel rather than another is represented by the room. Size, comfort, style, color and functionality are the aspects to be taken care of to ensure comfortable and aesthetically valuable rooms. To complete the customer experience within the accommodation facility, there are the additional services that the hotel is able to offer. In this regard, the design of wellness centers, gyms, restaurants, bars, small businesses must be conducted with particular attention to the needs of the place and the target audience. In fact, according to the size and type of hotel, but also according to the type of users, these activities may vary.

It is therefore clear how each environment must be designed to ensure functionality in full compliance with current legislation in terms of safety, healthiness, accessibility and structural stability. We will see later how the design of the different functional areas of a hotel is approached.

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