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Online contest: designing a medium / large international B&B from scratch

In addition to clients who turn to GoPillar, there is an online community of architects and interior designers who compete in projects to earn prizes offered by these customers. Many of these customers want to establish their business using a project launched on GoPillar and today’s project is no different.
Currently, the customer would like to create a medium / large size B&B focused on comfort and luxury for an international and Italian audience.

What are potential challenges of designing the B&B,“Club Agri Luxury Resort”?
The customer would like the theme to focus on comfort with a countryside aesthetic. The structure should include small housing units (including two bedrooms, two bathrooms, kitchen, and living room with a veranda and garden) as well as an outdoor relaxation area with a swimming pool, Jacuzzi, barbecue area and parking spaces.
Additionally, it must be completely on the ground floor with a surface area of ​​60/70/80 square meters dedicated to each house. The houses will be divided into three groups:
  • Luxury - comfortable and equipped (60 sqm);
  • Gold Luxury - very comfortable (70 sqm);
  • VIP Luxury - all-inclusive for the space available, for example: with a whirlpool and sauna (80 sqm).

Each villa must have 250-350 square meters of garden space (with a total of approximately 7 hectares of land, designated for 15 bungalows which will be designed).
The building must also have a main two-story structure to house a restaurant and bar area with hotel rooms upstairs.

What documents are required to participate in the Contest of San Lorenzo del Vallo (CZ)?
The customer expects at least one floor plan that shows the internal layout of the premises (including square footage) and the total footprint of the property. The presentation of (at least) one vector plan is also required.

How can you participate in the Contest? Is there a registration fee?
Any architect or interior designer, regardless of location, can participate in the private competition and help the customer design their own B&B to win the prize. The first step is simply registering on the online platform where the Contest is hosted, followed by filling out a short professional profile. Participation in the competition is free and the deadline for submitting designs is 31 December 2020.
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