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Architects: on 30 and 31 October they open their studios throughout the country

“Open Studi Aperti” is back and inaugurates a week of architecture events

On November 6, the "Italian Architect", "Young Talent of Italian Architecture" and the Special Prize "(Re) designing the school with the new generations after Covid-19" were awarded in Rome

Rome, 14 October 2020. Spreading - through the opening, even in virtual mode, of professional studios to citizens and institutions - the architectural culture, witness and renew sensitivity towards the environment, landscape, territories and spaces to emphasize that architecture is a good and a value for everyone and for everyone. These are the objectives of "Open Studi Aperti" - now in its fourth edition this year - wanted by the National Council of Architects, Planners, Landscape Architects and Conservators (CNAPPC) and by the territorial orders, and scheduled for next 30 and 31 October.

For the National Council "an opening this year which, in the exceptional situation that the country is experiencing, takes on a particular double meaning: to represent, on the one hand, in compliance with the safety measures provided for by the health protocols, a renewed and widespread return to sociability; on the other hand, to offer the possibility - in particular to citizens - to experience first-hand how architects, planners, landscape architects and conservators are able, in their daily lives, to propose new answers to the need to adapt, in an innovative way , the different spaces for living, working, studying and socializing to the new needs of health, well-being and safety.

An initiative that - in the 2019 edition - was divided into over a thousand architecture events, or related to architecture, held simultaneously in more than ninety provinces, with about one hundred thousand citizens who participated.

This year's edition of "Open Studi Aperti" - for which registrations are open - will also see, for the first time, the opportunity to visit, again on 30 and 31 October, the headquarters of the National Council in Rome (Via di Santa Maria dell'Anima, 10) in which spaces will be set up a series of exhibitions and hosted meetings, debates and conferences.

"Open Studi Aperti" will also inaugurate the 2020 Architect's Festival, an entire week of events dedicated to architecture that will end on November 6 with the awarding of the traditional "Italian Architect", "Young Talent of the Italian Architecture ”- dedicated in this edition to the School theme - and the Special Award “ (Re) designing the school with the new generations after Covid-19 ”.

And it will be precisely the theme of the school that will represent the leitmotif of the festival: there is a need for architecture and architects in order not to miss the opportunity to give the country innovative and child-friendly school facilities.

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