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Wednesday 4 November 2020, 18:30 - 20:00

Books at MAXXI.

Rome and the Legacy of Louis I. Kahn by Marco Falsetti and Elisabetta Barizza

Carlo Scarpa room – reservations required by registration
10 individual seats reserved for holders of the myMAXXI card by writing to, within the day before the event.

Few modern architects have had such a formative relationship with a city as Kahn's with Rome.

Although his parable started from the fundamental period in Philadelphia, the real "turning point" of his work lies precisely in his stay in the capital, during which all the processes that had matured in him for some time found an answer and a representation. formal.

Conversely, starting from the 1960s, Kahn exerted a profound influence on Italian architecture, and on Roman architecture in particular, influencing its evolution and subsequent developments.

For the young students of the time, exponents of a restless generation because the daughter of a world in constant change, the figure of Kahn immediately appeared revealing, perhaps also because of his being in turn a restless Master, capable of oscillating between the serene celebration of the enigmas of time and the desire to unveil the dominion of form and matter.

Franco Purini architect, Professor Emeritus Sapienza University of Rome
Renato Partenope architect, Professor of Sapienza University of Rome
Carlo Severati architect, Teacher and founder of Embrice
Andrea Maglio architect, Professor at the University of Naples Federico II

in collaborazione con Routledge, Taylor & Francis

• the seats available in the hall are limited, we invite the public to arrive at the entrance about 30 minutes before the indicated start;
• it is not possible to enter the room after the start of the event;
• it is necessary to wear the mask for the duration of the event;
• for the rules of distancing the seats in the hall are only single and it is necessary to fill in, sign and deliver the self-declaration downloadable here at the entrance.

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