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Decorative sound-absorbing panels

The acoustics sector today differs from that of the past in that the market is able to offer varied solutions to ensure the right comfort inside the rooms, without sacrificing aesthetic quality. In fact, if once the insertion of sound-absorbing panels was aimed solely and exclusively at ensuring the right acoustic insulation to the environment, now it also fulfills the decorative function.

The decorative panels for interiors have received an excellent consensus and today they are produced in different shapes and colors, becoming a style icon and an important piece of furniture. An example of this are the square panels originating from the collaboration between graphic designers and designers with manufacturing companies. They can become furniture for the walls or real sculptures. In fact, since they are made of fabric, wood or vegetable fibers, they can be printed or subjected to numerous artistic processes.

Example of decorative sound-absorbing panels applied to the walls
Photo dx: Planurban

Thanks to their versatility, the sound absorbing panels are well suited to any style of home. For classic environments, those in wood will be perfect, for those who want to give a touch of color those in fabric are more suitable and, if equipped with a lining, they allow you to replace textures and colors as needed. If you prefer the modern style, the metal panels will be the most suitable as they are able to give an innovative and refined look to the environments. Finally, one of the latest innovations is represented by the reflective panels: thanks to their glass surface, the panel will look like a real mirror hanging on the wall.

The sound-absorbing furniture

The need to insert furniture that helps to counteract noise arises in the tertiary sector and specifically in the design of offices. However, today, there is an increasingly widespread tendency to choose some furniture components that are able to combine aesthetics and functionality in acoustic terms, even within residential spaces. In fact, the sound-absorbing furniture, in addition to being optimal for ensuring greater comfort, has the advantage of ensuring low costs and avoiding interventions on the structure of the building.

Interior environment equipped with sound-absorbing furniture designed by artist Anne Kyyrö Quinn

If the sound source is located in the apartment of the neighbors, it will be good to choose a sound-absorbing bookcase applied to the communicating wall, which, thanks to the materials used, will be able to dampen the noise.

Another example of widely used furniture is represented by the seats in sound-absorbing fabric; these are solutions that use rock wool and glass wool, fibers usually used to manufacture the insulating layers of the walls. Thanks to their versatility and flexibility of use, they can be moved to any environment according to the need of the moment.
If, on the other hand, you want to opt for a functional and at the same time very original complement, the pendant lamps will be perfect which, thanks to the multiple panels of which they are made, guarantee optimal acoustic insulation and comparable to that of false ceilings.

Soundproof suspension lamp and bookcase

Today, thanks to the ability to customize interior design solutions, it will be possible to design tailor-made solutions, designed for the environment and able to meet acoustic and stylistic needs.
It is therefore clear how sometimes what arises as a problem to be solved becomes a valid pretext for beautifying one's residential environments!

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