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All Around Work is the biennial event dedicated to the evolution of working environments: a tool to display innovative visions of the workplaces, whose key element is the human being before the worker and to whom the company must increasingly guarantee the right to psychophysical well-being. All Around Work is therefore the showcase for the understanding of new trends that better respond to the changes that are taking place, a platform on which innovative ideas will circulate also thanks to the numerous workshops in program. Inclusiveness and sharing are the key words of AAW.

In an evolving market, the way of understanding the office also changes: new technologies, smart working, an ever-increasing attention to the well-being of workers. In this scenario, the supply and demand system in the professional furniture sector changes and versatility, sharing and comfort become the keys to imagining tomorrow's workspace.

Change brings new opportunities. To understand and grasp them, All Around Work was born: a biennial event designed to accompany producers and consumers in the knowledge process of the market, offer concrete business opportunities and create personalized contacts. A format in which architecture and engineering companies, general contractors, office furniture and technology manufacturers meet: to understand the present together, and to design the future of working environments.

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