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The walk-in closet: between functionality and aesthetics

Established for a few decades as a useful solution to maintain order, the walk-in closet is now considered a very coveted element, able to optimize spaces. Dimensions, shapes and materials vary according to the available sizes and personal tastes but in any case, this alternative to the classic built-in wardrobes is appreciated by everyone. Before inserting the walk-in closet in the chosen environment, it is necessary to pay attention to some elements in order to make the best typological choices.


In order to obtain a functional and satisfactory result from the aesthetic point of view, it is necessary to start from the dimensions of the house and specifically from those of the sleeping area in order to better position the walk-in closet. If space allows, the same can occupy an independent environment with respect to the bedroom: a real room used to host personal clothing and accessories. At one time, solutions of this type were found almost only inside very large and luxurious residences, but today, thanks to measures that optimize the space, it is possible to create an environment dedicated only to clothing even in common homes. The choice to insert the cabin inside the bedroom, on the other hand, turns out to be very practical and more intimate than in the separate environment. In this case, it is advisable to consider the plan of the room: if the room is rectangular, the wardrobe can be inserted on the short side so as to re-proportion the whole, if the room has a square shape, you can choose an angular wardrobe distributed on two sides, Finally, if we find ourselves in an irregular space, the tailor-made modules can be placed in the smallest corners, thus solving any space problems.

It is important to point out how the different choice of installing the walk-in closet in the bedroom or in an independent environment will also determine its function. In fact, in the first case you will find yourself only in front of a wardrobe where you will choose the clothes to wear, in the second case instead, placed near the toilets, it can be used as a filter between the living and sleeping areas or as a dressing room. Sometimes, it is decided to place the walk-in closet inside the bathroom, as long as it has generous dimensions. In the latter case, it is mandatory that direct access is provided only and exclusively from the bedroom.

If you have apparently little usable residual spaces, arranging the walk-in closet is the perfect solution. Examples of this are the shelving designed to measure to fill the underside of an attic or the wardrobes designed to the centimeter and inserted in irregular corners and walls. To obtain a truly functional result, attention must be paid to differences in height and slopes, in order to facilitate the opening of doors and the use of each single shelf.

Walk-in closet connected to the bathroom  

Walk-in closet inserted in the underfloor  


Once the position with respect to the sleeping area has been established, it is important to study the spatial conformation and choose the type of walk-in closet that best suits the environment you have available. The first element to consider is represented by the modules that will make up the walk-in closet, in fact it is possible to close it with panels and sliding doors but also to leave it open on the bedroom without separation filters.

Now let's see what are the typological differences that can return very different environments.

This is the one with the simplest but most complicated structure to insert, because the chamber must be at least 4 meters deep. It can be placed in the larger or smaller wall according to specific needs, in front of or behind the bed, for an opposite but functional effect in both cases. In fact, in the first case a more traditional, comfortable and accessible composition is obtained, in the second case the result is more original and can be an element of strong personalization of the environment.

Drawings: Chiara Del Core 

A dividing element that coincides with the head of the bed, creates an internal and unexpected path thanks to which, in addition to creating a sharper division of functions, it ensures a collection area where to dress while respecting privacy. As for the shielding element, it is possible to choose it of different shapes, thickness and material depending on whether you want to make one area more or less permeable with respect to the other.

It is the most suitable for large, square-shaped rooms, it can be placed behind the bed if it occupies a diagonal position. It is a little used solution because it uses a lot of space and implies precise choices for the type and position of the furniture that do not always meet the tastes and needs of the user. If you have the possibility of obtaining a room for wardrobe use only, the cabin equipped on three sides is the perfect choice.

Drawings: Chiara Del Core 

In the absence of more than generous sizes and walls completely free of clutter, all those spaces considered "residual" and hardly used for other functions can be exploited. Examples are the corners of the house near the bathroom or in the corridor leading to the sleeping area and the portions of the wall adjoining the bedroom entrance. In this case, the walk-in closet becomes an excellent solution to exploit and make more functional an environment that otherwise would have presented cramped and unused spaces. As already mentioned, all the spaces in the attic not having the minimum habitable height fall into this category.

Drawings: Chiara Del Core 


The trend of recent times, increasingly in demand, is the flush-fitting walk-in closet, with a minimal and contemporary appearance. This solution is free of protrusions, thanks to the system integrated into the masonry and the absence of frames and architraves. It is the perfect solution if you want to completely hide the environment, arousing a surprise effect when you open the door that divides it from the adjacent environment. As for the closure, the most used one is a casket or retractable one that can change the use of space when it is opened according to a quick slide.

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