Elon Musk is suggesting that the new version of Tesla's solar shingles will be even cheaper and will be roughly equivalent to the cost of a shingle roof including the electricity bill, which the solar roof will cut through solar power generation.

When Tesla launched its solar shingles in 2017, the automaker said it would start production and installation in 2018.
However, the launch proved to be much slower and installations were limited to the homes of some executives and some customers. Tesla later delayed production until 2019.

CEO Elon Musk said he needs to make some changes to the product to make sure it will last for 30 years. At Tesla's 2019 shareholders' meeting, Musk said he is completing a third version of the Tesla solar roof: "We are about to complete version 3 of the solar roof, this is actually a rather difficult technology problem, to have an integrated solar cell. with a tile, look good and last for 30 years. "
The CEO explained that they had a hard time running accelerated tests on the roof, but now they feel safer.

Tetto solare Tesla

With the third version, Musk seems confident that Tesla can lower the cost to a level of great affordability: "I am very excited about the version 3 of the solar roof, this is one of the cheapest roofs available. That way you can have a great roof with a better economy than a normal roof and with a fairly cheap bill "

When he launched the first product, Tesla said that "the typical homeowner can expect to pay $ 21.85 per square foot for a solar roof."
It's a fairly expensive product even though it comes with a lifetime home warranty and a guaranteed 30-year power generation.
In the new version, Tesla has estimated that its solar roof will be cheaper than a similarly styled non-solar tile roof and virtually pays for itself through electricity savings.

As for installation times, Tesla said it should take about the same time to install a tile roof, which is typically 5-7 days.
Earlier this year, we reported that Tesla Solar Roof installation still took around 2 weeks.
The installation time must decrease to increase the distribution.

The "tiles" have an interesting appearance with different surface treatments, the color is dark typical of monocrystalline silicon.
The fixing system from an image of the positioning phases seems quite simple but the technical specifications have not yet been disclosed.

If Tesla manages to improve production costs, and the declared specifications, primarily cost and duration, prove to be true, there will be a significant technological leap in the field of electricity production and the current photovoltaic systems will be obsolete.
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Salve Elisa, si in effetti sarebbe interessante avere il dettaglio dei collegamenti tra tegole e impianto ma purtroppo non abbiamo mai trovato niente al riguardo, non ci risulta che Tesla abbia pubblicato questo tipo di informazioni tecniche.


Quando saranno disponibili i disegni del particolare costruttivo con la stratigrafia del tetto che mette in evidenza gli agganci elettrici di ogni singola tegola? Sto facendo la tesi su queste tegole e senza neanche un disegno è difficile

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