The turnstile is a control system that allows the passage of one person at a time, or to allow passage in one direction only.
It constitutes a simple and effective system of channeling and controlling pedestrian traffic flows. It can be made in such a way as to allow passage only to those who insert a coin, a token, a ticket or other, and if necessary can be equipped with a tachometer to measure the transits, thus also acting as a people counter. In this way the turnstile is used to check the payment of the fee for using a service, for example in public transport, or to restrict access only to those who are entitled, such as entering a job.
In this category there are dwg files useful for planning: access - control, surveillance control, entrance turnstiles for offices and public facilities.
Vast choice of files dwg for all the designer's needs.
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Metro station turnstiles


Revolving entrance doors


Turnstiles 01


Turnstiles 02


Turnstiles 03

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