In this category are hatch files for AutoCAD (.pat). Once "installed" with the command "hatch" you will find many models for every need. There are also dwg files for mimic hatching and various roofing solutions.
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For those unfamiliar with the procedure for inserting .pat files, follow the instructions on our page
Hatch files with the ".pat" extension must be placed in the "support" folder to be recognized and used by Autocad.
The "support" folder is located in:
documents and settings -> username -> application data -> Autodesk -> AutoCAD .... always go forward until you find the support folder.
To view all folders properly, you must enable the option to view hidden files and folders (in windows)
The complete path to exactly locate the support folder can be viewed in autocad> menu> tools> Options> File> "Support file search path" ...... read all with preview images ... >>

AutoCAD dwg hatch


Crawl space and gravel pattern .pat


Glass - Hatch patter .pat


Hatching legen


Parquet hach patterns .pat

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